Sep 6, 2019
kuroioni (All reviews)
What is this exactly?

I've read 80 chapters and this is what I'm currently wondering.

It's not action.
There are barely any fighting/war scenes and even when they do appear they end within a few panels. For the most part, the fighting, the war etc are being TALKED about by our characters, but we don't actually *see* anything happening more than their everyday lives at the HQ.

Well, yeah there is drama. However, to be honest I'd classified it as slice of life and not drama. The reason is that it's all infuriatingly episodic, with everything kinda rubber banding to its default state after the mini-arc ends. And I say MINI, because, despite the number of volumes, there's no real 'arcs' or larger plot points (other that the most obvious ones, like that they are the shinsengumi, what they strive for.. etc). For me real drama has to have impact on the characters.

Yes. This one I can easily agree with. Kamiya does seriously try to live as a bushi. However, that doesn't change the fact that her femininity is CONSTANTLY underscored, highlighted, talked about, EVERY freaking character and their grandma is secretly in love with her. And she just. Won't. Stop. CRYING! ARGH!

Indeed. In the sense that it's akin to attending a history class where someone talks about all these historic events but you don't actually get to SEE any of that. And in the rare cased you do - it'll be a panel here and there and then it'll quickly pan away from all that and let you admire the SKY while TALKING about what happened and the result.

Haha...hah...ha... *sigh*
There are touching scenes, I'll give it that. However. There's NO development, no progress. At the beginning you think it's just slow paced and get all excited for what will happen. But then, as you read and read and read... it starts to slowly dawn on you that no. Nothing's happening. And when something finally MIGHT happen and you see a faint glimmer of hope that their relationship will finally start to evolve... it's turned into a bloody PUNCHLINE. A gag. And so you laugh. Because what? You'll cry? Nah, you're not the heroine.

Slice of life?
YES. This is it I think. It's a slice of life about the everyday life of the Shinsengumi. With the emphasis in DAILY life. You see them eat, bathe, shit, fight, laugh, cry, fart, sometimes die or go to the red light district. They talk about important matters, but you don't really care because you won't see any of that anyway. They are an interesting bunch and it's quite entertaining to see them carry on with their lives, but don't expect character growth. It's like there's this default state for all of them, and after every mini-arc, they just kinda return to that default state. Rinse and repeat. Over and over...and over again. Fun!

6.5/10 because it did keep me for 80 chapters before I lost my patience.