Aug 28, 2019
Franck_Nicolas (All reviews)
this is a chinese anime about a random guy who meets two monster girls, a dog and a vampire. The two girls are interested in the main character. I d say it s a comedy/aventure anime.

I watch this anime because i kinda like the animation and characters. However the plot goes all over the place, i m mid anime and nothing important really happened. It s just some classic anime characters interacting with each other

The fact that it s a chinese anime means the voices are kinda weird, it s clearly not as good as japanese voice actors but they still make decent voice acting. Same for animation, i would say it s better than low budget japanese animes, scenes are really inequals in terms of animation, there are good scenes and weird animated scenes.

This anime also has good soundtracks. I think i will download a few once the anime ends.

Story : 2/10
Art : 7/10
Sound : 6/10
character : 6/10
enjoyment : 5/10
overall : 6/10