Aug 27, 2019
bzzrkd (All reviews)
The level of feels in this anime is off the chart.. I get feels during practice games man [we talking about practice].. The story and enjoyment is amazing!

Story: A great story over the years, that has stayed consistent and always lets you know where you are going.

Enjoyment: I can't tell you how many feels I get from this anime on an episode by episode basis. That is the main reason as to why this anime is 10/10. Through character

Character: Another reason as to why this is 10/10.. This anime has to be one of the best character development that I have experienced. Note: There are prequels to this anime. You understand where the character is at in their mental state. You will understand the quirks of each character, more and more, as you progress through the anime.

I will fully update the review when this anime ends.