Aug 25, 2019
Labonm (All reviews)
Story - 1/10 - It moves characters from place to place, but it uses some plot development techniques that are so appalling/annoying that it becomes a huge detriment to the whole show

Characters - 6/10 - characters are a really mixed bag in this anime, we have Sam, Philly, Bessie and Casey who are fun to watch but then we're swapped to the prince/Odin/bad guy who are basically ruining whatever good will the rest of the protagonists have managed to create

Sound - 8/10 - I really like the opening theme, shoot me

Overall - somewhere between 5-6/10. While the dumb story and some of the plot devices definitely fail miserably I have watched the show because it ENTERTAINED me. Just give it a go and check whether you like it enough to sit in front of the screen or if it makes you uncomfortable