Aug 25, 2019
Getmeout (All reviews)
* Small spoiler but it doesnt matter much *
Omg , oh my fucking god did i just wasted 5+ hours watching this shit anime. I watched it not because of the fucking yandere ( Yuno ) but because how much people praised it. I swear , 90% people who like this garbage doesnt give a fuck about plot or characters , they only in it because of Yuno , the girl who i can only describe as a yandere , nothing else. Seriously , she has no fucking personality other than love yukki.
This anime has so many fucking plot holes , logic basically doesn't exist in this anime's world , nothing make sense. If you focus on watching this anime , you can sure to notice how shitty the plot it. Because there are already alot of bad review for this anime on youtube , i'm not gonna spoil anything , instead i am going to point out one of my " favorite " scene in this anime.
So Yuno , kidnapped Yuki , and his friend have to go rescue him. They enter a room , see Yuki , while one of them specifically tell one guy to hold the door in case this might be a trap , 5 fucking second later , they found out that Yuki is fake , and the IDIOT holding the door came in to check , thus the door shut and they are trapped. Okay , maybe he forgot , fair enough. Next thing happen , Yuno set up Gas to kill all of her " friends ".With doors lock , in a room that have nothing , no way to open a door and gas is coming out , they are sure to be killed , right ???? Get this , after long ass time of struggling , they found A FUCKING VENT NEAR THE FUCKING GROUND IN THE FUCKING ROOM. I am no expert in killing people using gas but if i were to do it , i would no fucking way choose a room that has a vent.AND GET THIS , THE FUCKING VENT LEAD TO YUNO ROOM. How fucking dumb was that ??? And the trap was created by Yuno , the mastermind , the killing machine , . . Worst thing is , after all of that , they get out , and they almost forget everything that she did. SHE KIDNAP YOU , TRY TO POISON YOUR FRIEND WITH GAS TO DEATH , and all of them act like nothing , not calling the police, no shit , Yuno appears at Yuki house afterward and proceed to following him.
And that was only 1 scene taken from the anime , fuck this nonsense.
I do not recommend this anime to anyone , please do not watch it i warn you.I got so frustrated watching this trash , and i dont want anyone to experience the horror like i was.