Aug 25, 2019
peachy_chihuahua (All reviews)
Lesbian dragons. Yes, what you need, what you want.
So this is a comedy about a dragons who can transform into humans. One of the dragons (Tohru) comes to Earth to become miss Kobayashi's maid. Further the story goes we get to meet other dragons such as: dragon with a very big brest and who seduces a smol kid, an emo dragon, dragon who tries human food and cant stop eating it and a cute bebe dragon. So Tohru is very gay for Kobayashi, she tries to feed her her tail and washing her shirts with her saliva. I really liked the animation, colourful and has a lot of movement. Thank you Kyoto Animation, very cool. It's a nice anime if you want to say to your depression bye-bye.

Anyway this is a decent 10 dragon tails/10