Aug 25, 2019
Ssjcory (All reviews)
Ah yes Naruto the anime thats asoisated with weeb Culture.Naruto has a been one of my favorite animes dispite its filler more on that later in the review.Naruto is one of the best animes of the early 2000s and still is to day. The story is good ranging from action in the most strategic way possibleand some tragic,emotinal and some enjoyable battles.The protagonist Naruto has to find Sasuke the person who left the village to go searching for his brother who killed his hole clan.Naruto who is trying to find him is later halted buy the Akatsuki who want him for his 9 tailed fox a jinchuuriki they need him and all 9 jinchuuriki to create a powerful kinjutsu a resurrection jitsu which is a type of jitsu which is forbidden in the shinobe world which would later resault in a shinobi war.Now on to the filler the filler is not originally in the Naruto lore so you usually get these boring cringy shit shows that dont make any sense in naruto for example not shippuden there was this filler episode were Kabuto dies and i did not know this was filler and i saw a episiode with him in it very confused what im trying to say avoid the filler idk if any major characters die in the filler cause i never watch it but dont its awkward,cringy and boring and maybe confusing if you watch the filler before the lore.Overall a pretty good show with lots of enjoyment just dont watch the filler.