Aug 24, 2019
Odlaumor (All reviews)
Kenja no Magician was known for his nickname character Shin, who is nothing more than a super lucky reincarnated boy who was born with an extremely abnormal potential for magic. So the fun of anime is precisely to follow Shin's abnormal magic, who thinks of magic differently and creates many new uses for her, something that scares even the most powerful wizards of that society.
Anyway the program also focuses on the protagonist's academic life, surrounding him with new allies and friends, as well as people who envy his power. From there, several clichés of the genre are explored without any shame, which included a very forced novel and the evolution of the characters that occurs in the most anticipated way possible.
With no narrative news and basic cliché characters, anime was expected to make up for in the action scenes, but neither is it. The animation is generic as a whole and the battle scenes only stand out even for the use of decent and beautiful magic. Of course, there are exceptions, and some battles are more neat in character movement and camera fluidity, but overall it is the spells and spells that steal the scene and mask the action.
Despite being another isekai among so many better ones, Kenja no Mage surrenders to all the formulas of the genre and doesn't take himself seriously. Because of this, the audience ends up easily embracing the attraction and the light and relaxed humor yields good moments of entertainment. So, ultimately, we can say that this basic anime is good and should entertain the least demanding.