Aug 24, 2019
Idkimnotcreative (All reviews)
I feel like they were trying something new with this and failed miserably. The first season was a set of short horror stories tied together by certain characters. With the second one, there is a confusing story line.
They tried to squeeze in 20 minuets worth of story into only 7 minutes. As you can imagine, it became very clear that they did not know what to do with it.
The art and sound were okay, with the 'squelching' noise being the most clear. I liked the touch of binuaral here and there as characters voices shifted from ear to ear. One complaint I have about sound is that I feel that they rely too heavily on it. The 'jump scares' rely purely on noise, as they are very predictable. While I understand that sound is there to submerge the watcher in the video, I feel like it was over-used here. They should've focused on making a more unpredictable jump scare, if that's what they were going for.
In conclusion, I believe that the first series was better and more enjoyable :)