Aug 24, 2019
anooblol (All reviews)
This is by far the worst anime I've ever watched in my entire life. It is so horrible, I'm giving it a 10/10 for enjoyment. I cannot stop laughing at how utterly horrible this show is.

First off, the classic rule, "Show don't tell" has been kicked into over-drive. So much so, that they have literally explained nothing. And then they thought to themselves, "Well hey... We didn't tell them anything. How about we do as little as possible to show them what's going on either."

**Minor spoilers ahead**

Story: 1

There is no story. He's traversing through a cave... And that's that. Why is he in the cave you ask? No idea. But he's pretty deep in there... and the only way out is, you guessed it, by going down deeper, and getting stronger.

Art: 1

Did you see that CGI? Solid work.

Sound: 1

Monsters make monster sounds. Who would've guessed. Unfortunately, the monsters make monster sounds no better than a classic godzilla movie. Soundtrack isn't that bad to be perfectly honest, but in the spirit of, "The worst anime I've ever watched", it deserves a 1.

Characters: 1

You learn almost nothing about any character. All side-characters have no explanation, and no personality. I will not focus on any of them. The main character wants to survive... "some cave", that we know almost nothing about. But it has monsters in it for whatever reason, so at least he has 'a' goal. He meets a 300+ year old loli, and she's a vampire. I don't know why, how, or what relevance that holds, but it exists within the show. She sucks his blood from time to time, and he is completely un-phased by it. Oh. And they're in a relationship. Why? Not sure. It just happened. Randomly.

Enjoyment: 10

The dude summons a jeep. It was for about 3 seconds, in a nice montage of him doing random things. Then it was gone. How can you not like this. It's impossible. Also, did I mention he has a 300+ year old loli girlfriend that sucks his blood from time to time?

**End of spoilers**

Would not recommend this to anyone seriously. However, if you've watched a decent amount of shows, and want to take a break from "good anime", and have some laughs at some literal trash, I would recommend Arifureta. You can find a lot of enjoyment out of watching this horrible show.

Overall: 2

And the only reason it gets a 2 and not a 1, is because it is by far the worst show I've watched. You can't just leave an impression on someone and then get a 1. I am definitely interested in watching this train-wreck come to an end.