Aug 24, 2019
2LongDidntReview (All reviews)
If this was any other generic anime, it would really be quite bland and uninspiring, like the usual "beta harem MC of the season" kind of thing. But this isn't what the anime is really about. It's about a typical teenager not showing much appreciation for their mother, trying to act all independent, and the mother being too much of a helicopter parent, and them trying to come to reconcile. If you didn't get this point after a few episodes, then you really missed the point or you just have really crappy relations with your parents.

Mamako is a really great mother, not just the "OMG SHE'S A MILF", but an actual caring mother which is greatly shown through her character as well as choice of voice actor. Personally, I can relate to Masato, being that teenage guy who wants to be "all independent" and thinking his mother/parents are just in the way. Now that I'm older, I can appreciate what my parents have done for me and actually care for them more.

Story-wise, it's not amazing, but it does illustrate parent-child tensions, although everyone else's relationship apart from Masato and Mamako is quite exaggerated. In a story sense, it really doesn't go anywhere, so it feels more like an allegory, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If you're going into this anime expecting some kind of "Rising of the Shield Hero" kind of anime, then you'll surely be disappointed. However, if you can relate to the usual teenage/parent relationship, you'll greatly appreciate what this anime has to offer.