Aug 23, 2019
BroPo (All reviews)
Using the word bizarre here to describe the show is quite apt, considering this is far removed from your typical fantasy shounen anime. Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency were adapted faithfully from the source manga, with absolutely no cuts in content. The show had an amazing soundtrack, with the guttural-sounding choruses of Sono Chi no Sadame, and the upbeat funk sound of Bloody Stream. It also gave us one of the best memes made with the outro song Roundabout. In terms of story, Phantom Blood has an okay pace, with it dragging too much in the fight scenes sometimes and rushing during the beginning of the anime. If you had a problem with Phantom Blood while watching, rest assured that Battle Tendency solves all the problems from Part 1, with a more interesting character, better villains, lovable characters and memorable moments.