Aug 22, 2019
Jagara (All reviews)
EDIT: My rating is dropping from 7 to 5 due to the considerable drop in quality of story from ep 6-10. I will update review content once the series is over. But scores have been revised to reflect current status.

Review based on ep 1-6
I have to say this is by far the most interesting series I am watching in current season. I was totally convinced it's going to be a masterpiece until I saw the fight scene, more specifically episode 6 that lead to a sharp drop from 9 to 7 score for this anime on my list. Let me explain in detail below:

Character design:
If there is one thing I really love about this show, it's the refreshing take on the art and design. There are definitely eye candy style macho characters to swoon on, but overall the way specially the main character is designed is somewhat unique. Specially his quirk about always smiling. The dress style is also very creative.

Nothing to complain there, a solid 8/10. Its not remarkable, it's not bad to listen to. Nothing to remember - like most new anime. Background effects etc are good.

Starts off really good and so far is keeping its moment. The real disappointment came mid series, where you have two factions clashing with a lot of build up and then suddenly a magical punch from the hero fixes everything. The emotions and actions during the fight are over simplified to the point of being unrealistic. It's like the bad guys are just tsunderes waiting for someone to rescue them. No sense of conflict whatsoever. There is also the problem of several characters being too white and black and as a result, lacking complexity, which makes it hard for viewer to feel any connection with them.

Fight scenes:
I don't have a problem with the animation quality, I just wish they would do more with the fight scenes. They start off with very good momentum but wrap up very quickly. This wasn't such a big deal breaker until team 5 vs team 8 fight scene where I feel that the main character fight scene really under performed. It was too simple, there was little to no sense of conflict, everything was just handed out to him and over all I didn't see any relative character growth coming out of the conflict.

Overall I think anime has a great potential to become a chart topper, whether or not it lives up to the hype and expectation is yet to be discovered.