Aug 22, 2019
ST_Kitten (All reviews)
I´ve just watched the Clannad movie, after watching the series, as i was curious to see it. Ii later realized it was made before the actual series, which would mean that the movie is a first gathering up of ideas for the series.

When i compare both, of course there is lots of different things like the songs or the animation itself, as it was created by another Studios (Toei Animation instead of Kyoto Animation), but the main story and the characters are the same.

Only when i stop comparing, i can truly enjoy the wonderful experience that is seeing this movie.
Although it was created before, i suggest seeing the series first and the film afterwards, as i believe the series is much richer and has, of course, more time for character and story development. Seeing the movie afterwards makes me understand the movie more (as i already know the plot).

As in the series, i love the story and the characters and i like the animation in the film and the music as well. It has the emotional dramatical side of the Clannad story, as well as its funny cheerful moments. Overall, the film for me was worth seeing, i enjoyed it and recommend every Clannad fan to watch it!