Aug 21, 2019
dahabi (All reviews)
There is nothing really exceptional about this series except for the artwork, which is rather nice, but isn't unique. Not much about this series is unique at all and the characters are banal and uninteresting, but that may just be this manga's power. It's believable and I can see middle school and high school girls being able to relate to this manga. This manga clearly tries to play up to what they think the emotions of an excitable incoming high school girl hoping for a deep teenage love story are like.

There has literally been no original plot here, each chapter is the typical fare of the genre: Valentine's Day, Summer Vacation, White Day, Amusement Park Date, Going Over to Each Other's House, Friend's Crushes, School Festival, Skipping Assembly, Movies Date, etc. There are also no arcs or anything like that, each chapter is basically a one-shot with a banal plot that just sets the stage for some quotable, fluffy moments for the couple.

There are much better entries in the High School rom-com genre to spend your time reading, to be honest. The only thing I can really commend this manga on is that the relationship is non-toxic and unexpectedly mature for their age, and is a good model for young couples in high school to follow. No over-over-over-protective boyfriends. No overly-insecure girlfriends. No physical violence. There is trust and growth. Cute, sweet, fluffy moments. Boy doesn't pressure the girl to do "H-things". No emotional blackmail or sexual abuse. No cheating.

One thing I am so happy to have been deprived of is the hackneyed bullying trope. I am so glad the girl isn't conveniently homeless either, or that the guy is conveniently rich. They are very ordinary and as real as it gets, which may be this manga's power after all.