Aug 20, 2019
ID-69 (All reviews)
I would recommend this for fans of clingy girl harem because the MC's two new potential sisters are clingy as they can be. The MC appears blind to these girls' obvious romantic interest in him to the level he is thought of being a closeted homosexual. Speaking of, this anime has some casual homophobic undertones.

The story felt like it was written on the go, and it didn't form a satisfactory cohesive whole. The show also uses unrewarding cliffhangers to keep the viewer hooked. Moreover, the show introduces aliens that have no bearing on the story whatsoever and the alien theme is not explained or explored, so it begs the question why it was added in the first place. However, the saving graces are the actual romance bits and the lewd humour.

Despite the shortcomings of the story, I didn't predict the outcome, and I feel more positively about how the show actually ended. No matter how much I want to give this anime a higher rating than 7, I feel that something is missing and I can't quite put my finger on it.