Aug 19, 2019
Viron_22 (All reviews)
I'll get this out of the way: I hate this movie. I went out of my way to see it and still almost walked out to stand out in the cold outside rather than watch it to it's predictable mind numbing conclusion.

Positives first, the animation, art, and sound are all good, I am going to make this a backhanded compliment by saying that with this budget and time they really don't have an excuse not to be but there you go. If you want don't want your eyes to bleed than this is for you. And while the sound quality won't make your ears bleed, the sounds themselves and the words they form might do that instead.

Okay now to dump on the rest of this. First of all the poster Gundam isn't the titular Gundam Narrative, but the Unicorn 3. Yes somehow there was a 3rd one made that was also all gold, for some reason. Part of me liked the first Unicorn's design because it looked like an actual unfinished prototype, that wasn't dressed up for anything other than field testing. The Banshee I was kind of willing to overlook as the finished model but the Phenex (yes that is what they call it because subtlety doesn't exist in Gundam anymore) I don't get what they were thinking with that one. You may be saying "Why is this a problem? It is the main focus of the film as the McGuffin everyone wants." Well it doesn't do anything but fly around for most of the movie, powered by what I can only assume is New Type magic another irritating holdover that doesn't seem to want to go away. The Phenex seems less valuable than the other two Unicorns, it just happens to be possessed by a really powerful 23 year old force ghost. And the problem is that while the ghost just wants to 'fly' because symbolism, at some point you think "Okay but maybe do something about the people chasing you besides flying away?" Oh and the Phenex went wild before a year before Unicorn happened and yet it wasn't important to be noteworthy until a year after the whole Laplace thing happened, so figure that one out UC historians.

The conflict is completely contrived, the Zeon only really want it because of corrupt politician man, and they only come into conflict because they let an actual barely functioning psychopath lead the operation. The Federation wants it so they can file an insurance claim I guess, or maybe the Vists filed a theft report after they and the Titans got it possessed by a force ghost. Our protagonist wants to find it so he can find his old friend that piloted it. Now if you haven't seen any promotional material or trailers you probably wouldn't have guessed that the pilot was dead, even though I spoiled it twice already, but from the outset it is incredibly obvious that is what happened, which is a theme throughout the entire movie. It would honestly be more shocking to me that someone didn't see where this was all going than what was actually in the movie. And the ending tries to play itself as bittersweet but the emphasis is entirely on bitter with no sweet with the context of the the climax.

The characters are devoid of personality, except I suppose the crazy person, who still comes off as generic crazy. The main character is a charisma void, something that the other characters and his love interests are willing to overlook because the script needs them to grow attached to him thus making him the main character. These characters might have worked in a medium length series that gave them time to get fleshed out, but as is they are just devices to get us to the terrible ending. And we are introduced to another super New type who makes Char, Amuro and Lala combined look like jokes. And she is just so pure, which means that awful things keep happening to her because this movie is bold and totally unique. Luckily the characters are likely totally self contained to this dumpster fire, meaning that the attempt to rehabilitate Hathaway into a likable character won't be tainted by NT's terrible cast leaving Hathaway's Flash to combust on its own.

I said the art was good but the choreography for the action is bland and forgettable, I remember the staging for the action scenes because they were interesting but what was happening was completely uninteresting.

Ultimately my rating may seem hyperbolic, and maybe it is, but that is how I feel. After watching all this Gundam I expect more from the franchise now and it really keeps letting me down and this was the biggest let down yet. I'm tired of watching different series paying 'homage' to each other by ripping each other off. I'm tired of New Types having access to the force. Why even watch anything from the franchise when it has become so predictable? No I didn't enjoy this movie at all, it made me question why I like Gundam to begin with, leave me alone. Dammit.