Aug 19, 2019
CaptainPharaoh (All reviews)
I am unsure why anyone would review this pile of shit as good,

2/10 for story
The story was mediocre at best there was little pacing the show could have easily been told in 24 or possibly even 12 if they cut some content. the story wasn't original it was the same team is bad and wants to get to finals.

5/10 for art
The art wasn't but it was janky at times but that's just cause its old

6/10 for sound
as far as i know there were no sound problems but it wasn't outstanding either

3/10 for characters
the characters had some depth to them but the character interactions were mostly boring small talk. the designs haven't stuck with me, and were extremely bland.

1/10 for enjoyment
like i said the story progress about as slow as a snail, there were 3-5 episodes of the pitcher throwing pitches to practice and scenes of him or whatever characters eating fucking spaghetti to get one victory scene.

Overall 1/10
the shit-storm of bad characters, story and general low enjoyment makes this anime an atrocity that should be buried