Aug 19, 2019
tehvanquisher (All reviews)
If it wasn't for the second half arc being so long winded due to having to explain everything, this would've been a 10 because the first arc is a 10/10.

The first arc of Owarimonogatari might be my favorite in the -monogatari series because it's so suspenseful that it resembles a psychological thriller. It attaches from Episode 1 (a two-part one hour long arc going into the main character's trauma) right into Episodes 2-6 (a five episode arc that dives deeper from that trauma into another trauma). We learn that the main character didn't understand what he needed to do to help this girl's arc.

The second arc gets back into the typical -monogatari formula with more moderate fan service and long explanations which can be seen as weakness. However I rate the second arc 8/10 because the epic Episode 11 argument is an argument that works as a climax. Episode 12 has bittersweet moments and links itself to the non-linear -monogatari timeline.

It's perfect for 8 episodes 1-6, 11-12. The weaker parts of the second arc, episodes 7-10, were needed to explain the previous parts of the series.

So balancing these two out it's 9/10.