Aug 19, 2019
Agent_Redacted (All reviews)
Reality can sometime be sad, and not everything always goes right. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is a great drama and romance anime that shows me the aspect of reality's cruelness and how everything and anything can change.

Story : 9/10

The entire story of the anime can be summarized as a man's decisions and how time can change everything. It's a really good plot for a drama and I slightly cried at the end.

Art : 8/10

The art is not that impressive. However. It is quite good for a 2003-4ish. Ahh, this art style and quality brings back memories. Kind of nostalgic.

Sound : 8/10

The sound's alright.

Character : 7/10

Well. The protagonist resembles a man who is pretty much helpless. Whilst the heroine ( Mitsuki ) kind of resembles a thot ( no offense ). However, the characters kind of gives out a "reality-like" feeling which is pretty good for a drama.

Enjoyment : 9/10

A really good anime about decision making, time, and reality. I enjoyed this anime quite a lot.

Overall : 9/10

Don't watch this if you insanely love romance anime or you might regret it later. This anime has too much drama that it may make you feel heartbroken. For me, after watching this anime, I feel really satisfied how the show concluded because I've always been watching so many romance anime where everything just turns right at the end. This anime is unique, and I like the fact that it is.

If you want something reality-like with romance and drama. This is perfectly just for you.