Aug 19, 2019
Falco2424 (All reviews)
Owarimonogatari’s Second Season is essentially the climax of the series, or at least one of them. We finally get to see others take care of Araragi in the same manner he takes care of others. Owarimonogatari II features and resolves Araragi’s Ghost Stories in a similar fashion it has featured and resolved every other character’s.

Having said that, from a purely execution perspective, it is about as average as it gets. It looks, feels, sounds, and is, essentially, simply another arc. It does not try to do or be more than Araragi’s resolution. From a plot perspective, it ties everything together so elegantly it’ll leave you thunderstruck. Owarimonogatari II brings just about everything that’s ever happened in all of Monogatari together with unwavering purpose. It is simultaneously shocking and wholesome how related things are in the series that seemed completely unrelated. Owarimonogatari II is a storytelling spectacle.

Owarimonogatari II is so good it almost warrants a rewatch of the entire series solely to pick up on more of the nuances that it strives on. I only half remembered some things referenced in Owarimonogatari II. I had many, “oh, that’s why that happened” moments.

One last thing I’d like to point out about the plot is that even though there are technically three different arcs in Owarimonogatari II, it certainly feels like just one. To me, it’s a stretch to say that there is a snail arc, a crab arc, and a darkness arc in Owarimonogatari II. I would call it borderline ludicrous to say there’s a snail arc. We learn absolutely nothing new about Hachikuji, she serves solely as a plot device in Owarimonogatari II. To me, all of Owarimonogatari II is a vampire arc.

Owarimonogatari II is probably what most people watch the Monogatari series for. Owarimonogatari II is the amalgamation of themes and storylines in the Monogatari series, it is the end goal. Having said that, I still don’t think it’s in the top 3 arcs of the series. I’d probably put it somewhere between 4 and not the worst. Don’t get me wrong, Owarimonogatari II is good, but it’s no Kizumonogatari II, Nekomonogatari: Shiro, or Sodachi Arc. Again, I’d put it somewhere below those but not last.

Owarimonogatari II is THE must-watch arc of all Monogatari; however, you do need to watch everything before this to fully enjoy it. And I mean everything, Kizumonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Nisemonogatari and all. Leave no stone left unturned if you’re planning on watching Owarimonogatari II.