Aug 19, 2019
plagg14 (All reviews)
story: 9/10

This is the last season and it is the shortest of all, and although it is my second favorite, it haves the BEST story and it is the best well written of all. It's also the most tragic and dark of all.

art: 8/10

the art improved a lot especially if you look at sailor's eyes. they are all very stylized and (maybe) mature.
i loved eternal sailor moon desing and their wings, but maybe they have to be really unconfortable to fight, especially because they aren't real wings to fly, they are just for decoration.

sound: 7/10

openings and endings themes are one of my most favourites themes for the whole series between nineties and crystal.
when i was more little the "sad version" of the opening made me sometimes want to cry.

character: 8/10

As always all the characters are still charming and charismatic.
tuxedo mask does not appear on this season, since he goes to the US to study, and i his place appear a 3 new senshi called sailor star lights who came from out of the solar system.
My favourite of them is sailor star healer. Outer senshi retun in their super sailor forms; and returns my favourite senshi Saturn!! in super sailor senshi form too.
Galaxia, is the best desinged villain of all the previous ones.

About the sailor animamates who serves Galaxia, they all had very cool, original and stylized desings; but my favorite is Sailor Iron Mouse.

enjoyment: 9/10

overall: 9/10

i can't wait to see how it whould be the story and charaters desings in crystal/eternal