Aug 17, 2019
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koko wa ima kara rinri desu is the kind of manga you read and gain iq cells from, for a change.

the main character, takayanagi, acts as a teacher towards the reader just as much as he is one with his pupils. through him, the author expresses various ideas within the field of ethics, in a manner which prevents the reader from feeling as if the authors opinions are being forced on them. this element of koko wa ima kara rinri desu could easily be considered what makes the manga shine. depth is common in many stories, but this is one of the few where said depth is so bluntly pointed out.

another strong aspect of the manga is the characters. takayanagi is hard to dislike - i think everyone wishes they could have had a teacher like him in school - and he is not without his flaws, preventing him from coming off as a 'gary stu'. similarily, the students are not overly complex characters, yet, nonetheless, their stories are not as typical as might have been expected. to summarise: the characters are catalysts for the author to explore a variety of ethical and philosophical questions, and they fulfill their purpose well.

in regards to the story, well, there isn't much of one. at the time of writing, the manga is very much episodical - with a variety of subplots linking the chapters together - but i have no doubts that, over time, this manga will grow to have a clearer focus of what it's setting out to do.

the art's also not the best, but not the worst either. there's a strange contrast between the usually well drawn takayanagi (though he does have a weird pose that repeats through chapters) and the students, which have their individual characteristics but are otherwise not drawn with much depth. one could argue this is a conscious choice by the author, and the art had no impact on my enjoyment of this manga, and so there's no reason to penalise koko wa ima kara rinri desu based off the art.

overall: a strong individual manga - recommendable to anyone interested in philosophical matters, whether or not they have any prior knowledge of them - with a lot of potential, which i look forward to it fulfilling