Aug 17, 2019
Mythologically (All reviews)
[Spoiler Warning]

2015 was certainly an interesting year. The SCOTUS legalized gay marriage, Subway's Jared got exposed for being a pedophile, and DanMachi was about dungeons. Now, in 2019, DanMachi is not about dungeons. DanMachi is now about fanservice and whatever the fuck happened in the first four episodes.

The first arc of this season is so unbelievably bad that it left me dumbfounded as to what I just watched. The main antagonist of the arc decides that he wants Bell for himself, so now they are in a War Game. Ignoring the comically stupid motivations of the main antagonist, this almost sounds cool, doesn't it? Except there are three episodes of setup and one episode of War Game. Genius pacing right there! Thanks, J.C.Staff.

Those three setup episodes are already mind-numbingly unentertaining, but the real criminal here is episode four. In the War Game, Hestia's familia has 5 combatants, while Apollo has like 100+. But hey, who cares! Everyone in Hestia's familia can take on dozens of Apollo's fighters singlehandedly. This might make sense for Ryu, who is a much higher level adventurer than everyone else. What doesn't make sense is Welf and Mikoto being able to beat dozens of adventurers of the same level as them with literally one attack. "Oh, but Mikoto has an OP spell! Oh, but Welf has an OP magic sword!" Genius writing right there, right? Is this DanMachi or Arifureta?

That's not even the worst part of what is certainly one of the worst anime episodes ever created. The worst part comes in when Bell fights Apollo's commander man. That guy beat Bell to a pulp with his bare hands a couple of episodes ago, but now, Bell can beat him easily. Why? He trained pretty much offscreen for a couple of episodes! That makes him comically OP! So comically OP, in fact, that he literally beat the guy with a kick and a punch. This juvenile writing is so atrocious that it is unbelievable that this is a sequel to DanMachi, considering its first season was actually quite good.

After whatever the fuck happened in those four atrocious episodes, we get two fanservice eps in a row. I honestly thought I was watching KonoSuba at this point, but no, I'm pretty sure the people responsible for this pile of shit expect me to take this season seriously. Episode 5 is slice of life with a bath scene. Episode 6 is Bell hanging out with a bunch of prostitutes. Fun! I don't have a problem with fanservice in itself; but when there is no substance whatsoever behind the fanservice, that's annoying. I remember when Bell was fighting a minotaur in season one. Can we bring that back? That was pretty cool.

From protagonists becoming comically OP despite doing nothing to deserve it, to the absurd amount of big tiddies, this season feels like some 12-year-old's power trip. If you want big tiddies, go watch HDxD or something. There are plenty of way better fanservice shows. If you want good fight scenes, you won't find them here, because the animators seem to have a stroke every other fight scene. As such, there is literally nothing redeeming here, unless you like shitty fight scenes and mediocre fanservice. J.C.Staff already ruined DAL and Index, and here's the latest victim of their never-ending spree of destroying beloved franchises.