Aug 17, 2019
Prefixed (All reviews)
Most of the girls are in this show but the two main characters would be Sakuta and Shouko, which was left sorely lacking in the TV series. A moderate development is left to Mai. This show explores the link between them and the paradoxical nature of Shouko's version of Puberty Syndrome. The show further develops Sakuta's nature(as if he's not fleshed out enough) and Shouko.

The VA is well done, with the character's personality and emotions being brought out by simple vocal sounds. Furthermore, this show depicts out a side that you've never seen before in Sakurajima Mai.

For the most part, this show is wildly engaging and has a few scenes that gets deeper into the romance aspect which has never been explored before in the TV series. There are a few humorous parts at the beginning and it is great that it was mostly not executed by Sakuta. However, the show itself is heavy, goes to the extreme multiple times and might leave you shocked, forcing yourself into disbelief. Good news is that the heavy aspect of the show passes quickly. This roller coaster ride that the show provides is an excellent way of concluding the movie, but leaves me unsatisfied with how it concludes the series.

Furthermore, at some point of the show, it becomes predictable and they reused the ED lyrics (still good though), albeit sung a bit differently.

Generally, a well executed show that is worth watching but I would not say it is a masterpiece.

Well directed, great VA, great development, introduces new personalities in Sakuta, Shouko and Mai which are worth going to the theatre for. Some minor disappointing drawbacks.

Side notes:
As it might get confusing to those who have not watched enough, one must understand when the suffixes -chan and -san, as the show will refer to characters with the same names but are different.