Aug 17, 2019
rixxy (All reviews)
If I could only use two words to describe Gurren Lagann, it would be "pure energy". As far as entertainment value is concerned, I don't believe I've felt more entertained by any other anime. Some people find first few episodes boring but they were not boring for me.In episode 8 something happens that will make this show even more exciting.Along with the the theme of the show, each episode is progressively bigger and better than the last.

The story is pretty straight forward, but if you're wanting to dig deeper, I think the spiral concept used throughout the show is the most unique theme that has been done in an anime. The music is memorable and used very well throughout, Libera Me From Hell track from the final three episodes was great.The ending is feel-good and appropriate to the series.

Give the show a shot and there is a good chance it might just become one of yours favourite.