Aug 15, 2019
PsychoSibyl (All reviews)
This show is average and such a parody of the first season and the genre that I do not recommend watching this show.

Even though it has been a few years I before watching this second season I remembered all of the good that the first season did. It was nothing entirely original and the familia premise was nice but what made the first season so enjoyable because it was a well executed underdog story of Bell Cranel getting stronger with a few passable ecchi scenes.

However, season two does not capture that same enjoyment simply because it's execution and direction was not on par with the first season.

Story: 5/10
The story continues on from the first season about Bell trying to get stronger and find more girls in dungeons and without spoiling, he does get into trouble. However, it is not the sort of trouble that gets the watchers tense or explores a theme of the show it is simply a poorly executed conflict that had barely any interesting qualities. From the minotaur scene and early dungeon scenes from the first season, this season does not capture the same heart. It feels like a slice of life fantasy like Konnosuba rather than an action adventure series.

Art: 7/10
One of the best qualities of DanMachi was that it always had nice art and animation. While it isn't anything top tier, it is still enjoyable to look at.

Sound: 7/10
The opening and endings are good again nothing special but they do their jobs the same as the OSTs.

Characters: 5/10
The characters in this anime are so average. One of the bigger themes of this anime is Bell gaining more experience and strength. He moves from his humble beginnings as the Little Rookie into a more accomplished adventurer however there is literally nothing interesting about him. He is plain and average and he along with the rest of the anime are completely filled with tropes. No other character in this anime feels even remotely interesting. Lili-kun is probably the only one with the interesting story but they executed in such a boring manner that all of her intrigue quickly dissipated.

Enjoyment: 5/10
This season is completely average and missable It does not capture the same charm as the first season did and feels more like a parody of itself and the genre similarly to Konosuba except DanMachi attempts to take itself seriously.

Overall: 5/10
Again, I do not recommend watching this show. It is average with very little redeeming qualities. If you want to watch something in a similar type of world then I suggest watching Konosuba. It's a comedy that knows it's a comedy and it executes it impeccably.