Aug 13, 2019
Falco2424 (All reviews)
Kizumonogatari III is good, but not as good as I was expecting. Kizumonogatari II is better by leaps and bounds, but Kizumonogatari III is better than Kizumonogatari I.

Kizumonogatari III is a relatively average, plot heavy arc from the Monogatari Series. It is similar in quality to the other Shinobu Arc, but it looks like Kizumonogatari. Speaking of which, it looks more like Kizumonogatari I than II, as in: it is also overly ridiculous and dramatized.

Kizumonogatari III is very simple, making it hard to talk about. I really enjoyed it, but I am underwhelmed by it after watching Kizumonogatari II. Don’t get me wrong, it is really good, just as good as any other Monogatari arc, but it is not Kizumongatari II quality.

I don’t have much else to say. I am mildly stunned it didn’t blow my mind. It is rated higher than Kizumonogatari II so I had hope. I truly believed it would be better when I started watching, but now I feel like there is a black hole where those expectations were. I feel like I am missing the real Kizumonogatari III that is a masterpiece beyond all other Monogatari. But then I come to the nihilistic realization that this masterpiece doesn’t exist and never will. Truly tragic.

That hopeless rant aside, Kizumonogatari III is still really good. We both know that if you watched Kizumonogatari I and II, you’re watching III regardless of what any review says. I’m also not telling you not to watch it, you totally should. Just don’t expect a masterpiece beyond Kizumonogatari II.