Aug 13, 2019
Vicuro (All reviews)
First off, english isnt my native language and i will do mistakes
I got this show recommended from someone on discord, and I was wondering why its so highly rated but unknown, then i finally watched both seasons and im starting off with what i want to say.. Sangatsu no lion is something special and its not something to watch for entertainment, it isnt about a typical protagonist problem, its about someone who had serious troubles with himself and he goes trough it not alone, he has people to talk with, hes someone whos thinking much about his career etc, he grows with a familiy which hes appreciating and loving..

Sangatsu isnt just about drama, its explains the true problems of life and troubles, everyone is going through it together and they try to be good persons

The MUSIC is amazing, it perfectly fits the anime and i just love it, they kept it really consistent with and know how to use it, the way how majestetic it is, makes me listen to it more than just hearing once, the Music makes me thinking about the anime and the whole story and i honestly have to cry almost everytimes

the ART is great, it isnt just a generic art style they use and shots they do, theyve done it perfectly on each scene and i cant describe how much i love it, the beauty of each person and the way they cry makes it outstanding, there are so many things i love about sangatsu


Sangatsu is more for me than just an Anime, its a world i want to be a part of, i want to be succesful, i want to appreciate everyone as a good person even my enemies, i want to change and make myself feel better, thats what they are doing, they are just a little family living together, going through problems, i want to be happy as the people there and i want to show im a good person, i want to break trhough.
thanks for reading