Aug 13, 2019
johnbradshaw (All reviews)
Oh the beloved Durarara franchise, you're always a beautiful mess. This new installment into the series didn't help either, but is it such a bad thing?

Creativity is a thing I always thought about when mentioning Durarara! The way each characters' stories steps on each other but still connect in some ways is not necessarily a new thing but did it like in Durarara! feels fresh. It made this mess of a show looks more promising and more complex than it actually is and trick the viewer into thinking that it's something good.

Now into this season, it focused more on the side characters' stories, not our 3 main young kids. I actually love it more than the previous season, Shou, imo. Because Mikado is just so annoying to watch, his action sometimes make no sense but what highschooler's action do anyway? The same goes for Anri and Masaomi. Seeing the stories of more mature ones are a great change, more compelling in every level. Especially Izaya, Celty and Verona, we get to witness the story progression in many aspects,...

Still the problem remains that with such a large cast with different motives to each characters, it has no charactelization in whatever way, it's understandable in an anime which has terible pacing like this one.

The artstyle still look the same, it gave us a vibe we're watching a 50 episodes anime not some shows divided into multiple seasons with major change in each seasons. The op imo is one of the best this season has to offer, I love it so much, and the quality in VAs of durarara! was always very enjoyable to hear.

Even with such problems, Durarara! is still an enjoyable watch. I see no reason why you should drop this show if you have seen the previous ones.