Aug 13, 2019
Cdynamo (All reviews)
Fate/Zero's 1st Season (Or is it the first cour? Whatever) was surprising to say the least. I suspected something akin to Kingdom Hearts. It would have a ridiculous story that didn't make a lick of sense, but when it came to animation and fights, it would look astounding. Boy, was I wrong! The story was genuinely one of the best I've seen in an anime. Gen Urobuchi's writing is so impressive and what could've been corny as a shuck turned into a story about the ideas of morality, what it means to be in a position of power, what it means to kill and how far we would go for our own desires. While it was a little meandering in the some parts and some parts haven't aged well like the CGI, it kept itself at a good pace that I never got bored. Then, the 2nd Season of Fate/Zero came along and blew me away.

The meandering pacing is gone by this point. This second season has some episodes that will go down as some of my favorites of all time. The battles somehow got better and some fights don't even last long and yet, they are perfect in every single way. The conversations are continually engaging and some scenes that got a tear out of my eye. I genuinely didn't know what to come into this season and IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.

The action, is stunning and somehow outdoes other shows that literally came out this year. Seriously, Fate/Zero somehow still looks amazing, even though it came out 7-8 years ago and somehow looks better then half the shows this year. It's incredible.

The characters and story were the show's main selling point for me. Watching Kirei and Gilgamesh talk, discuss and scheme is one of the genuine highlights I got out of this season. Seeing Kiritsugu's origin from beginning to the present was equal times amazing and heart-breaking. He went from an ok character to my favorite after two episodes. Because it's not just his actions that fascinate me, it's his ideals. Their harsh, their kinda fucked up but the fact that you can agree with him on the ideals fills me so many more questions about him. He is truly the standout of the cast.

Doesn't mean everyone else isn't great. Saber has a great moment at the end of the series and Rider continues to be just one of the most lovable characters I've ever met. It also helps that him and Waver are great together. Kariya just yells greek tragedy all around him and just knowing what he goes through this series makes me feel somewhat bad for the guy. I actually think Gen made Kariya for someone to suffer and he did exactly that.

You're probably think now that I've said all these great things, why is it a nine instead of a ten? Well, I feel like the CGI isn't the best, but not the worst. Like, it wasn't as bad a the gloop monster from last season, but it was pretty noticeable at times. There was also so missed potential I feel with Kaynneth and Waver. I just felt that they could've fought, but that's just me. I also feel like we could've had another side-episode for Maiya, but that was highly unlikely anyways.

I could literally talk about this show forever. The characters are so fascinating, the animation is downright gorgeous all around and the fact that a show about assassins, priests, mages and serial killers summoning famous historical figures to fight for a cup actually mad me cry makes this show even more special. I truly, truly enjoyed. This show isn't for anyone, but if you're interested in a show that involves a gender-bended King Arthur fighting Bluebeard, then this show might be for you.

Story: 10/10
Art: 9/10
Sound: 10/10
Overall: 9/10