Aug 13, 2019
H3lt3rSk3lt3r (All reviews)
I have a quite unpopular opinion on this anime... while very captivating and emotional, Erased lacks on storytelling.
Well, to begin with, I'm very picky with plots about time-traveling... this is just an over-saturated concept on pop culture you would need to be very unique and creative to impress anyone, and yet the very mechanism of the time-traveling isn't explained at all... the anime literally just tells you the main character suddenly goes back to his childhood at a very convenient moment and that's it. The sole phenomenon that connects everything and makes the story possible is a Deus Ex Machina. My point is that it just felt unconvincing. I know the core of the story isn't about time-traveling per se, but they didn't even care to make it seem more than a poor excuse.

The story doesn't evolve very well... it's unnatural a lot of the times, as if the everything must lead to a previously written ending rather than following a more acceptable path. By that I mean that there were a lot of times on the storyline that I asked myself stuff like "that's a very bad idea, it would never work out, why don't they consider this and that?" and yet the plot conveniently conveys to the most theatrical pathway... You would ask yourself a lot of questions if you actually pay attention to the story of this anime. There was, although, an interesting suspense plot, witch felt very planned but not well executed.

The characters are ok, they're not great and aren't well developed either but that does not compromise the anime too much. Again, the lack of charism is compensated by emotional sequences, and there are a lot of them, witch is good.
Kayo's background of child abuse felt cheap, but the whole concept of "the city I don't exist" was actually nice... great poem btw

The soundtrack, and the op and ed are great, probably the best this animes has to offer. No complains here.

The artsyle is a little baffling to me but that's just my taste, it fits the anime well.

In the end, this anime felt mediocre, nothing special, not smartly written and with lots of plot holes that were filled with emotional drama.