Oct 21, 2010
kluxorious (All reviews)
For some weird reason, I get addicted to Zettai Karen Children. After I finished the 51 episodes, I quickly jumped to the manga and has been following the series ever since. So naturally I'm ecstatic with the release of this OVA titled Changing Love! Take Back the Stolen Future? It was released on July 16, 2010 and it took me this long to watch it because of the same reason why I am not up to date at all with my summer anime: life.

The OVA takes place a few years after the Children last appearance in anime so they are more well developed. If you read the manga then you are happy to notice that even the PANDRA children has joined the Children at their school which mean, Yuri/Feather/Phantom Daughter is around too.

The story line for this OVA might be meh but the production team went to great length to make it clear in this OVA of the canon pairing of Kaoru and Minamoto so I'm a happy camper about that. I've been rooting for them even when Kaoru acted like an old man and sneaked around to see the girls pantsu. I approved.

The art and animation haven't differed much from the first season. They still wear unusual villain clothes and shit like that. I found it rather funny actually since the series looks like it was targeted for the younger children/teen but the manga has that "mature" tag to it. The irony.

Aya Hirano is still the seiyuu for Kaoru so obviously she does a good job at it. For the first time I though Yuuichi Nakamura sounds mighty sexy. I guess the plot kinda acquired Minamoto to have a sexy voice. I'm definitely going to remember him now, along with Tomokazu Sugita and Jun Fukuyama. The OP and ED still have that quality to it that will only remind you of the series without even have to second guess. I like the BGM during Minamoto and Hyoubu encounter before the real fight unfortunately I have no idea who sang it or what is the title of that song. It was pretty cool.

You can probably deduced of the character that I like the most (Kaoru) to my least favorite character (Yuri/Feather/Phantom Daughter) so I am not going to repeat myself here.

All and all, I like this OVA. It wasn't spectacular but it is something that will probably lead to second season of this series. I'll look forward to that. Let's make it official that I am now is gay for Kaoru as well