Aug 12, 2019
Fofo-man (All reviews)
Holy sh#t! This whole episode was just masterfully pieced together and I think we all can appreciate this fine work of art! I was about to drop this anime but after watching something truly beautiful, I changed my mind.

The combination of extremely perfect CGI, lolis and a whole lot of edge made shows like "Kimetsu no Yaiba" and "Vinland Saga" give a good run for their money.

I hope we get to see more episodes like this one in the future so that we all can apreciate the GOD TIER animation that this show provides.


On a serious note,
F#ck this episode and f#ck this anime.
After putting out such a trash of an anime with a sh#tty and cliche story, bad character development, berserker tier CGI and horrible voice acting they have the odasity to give us a recap episode this early on makes it feel like they think we have a brain the size of a bird's. I only watched this as a way to kill time but episode 6 was an episode that I somewhat looked forward to compared to the rest of this sh#tty adaptation but instead of releasing it when they normally should they thought that it was better to delay it another week(probably so that they can add even more trash CGI to that episode) and release a recap of the first 5 episodes of this awful anime. I hope the one's responsible for this whole monstrosity of an adaptation are fired and will never be allowed to animate again.