Aug 12, 2019
The beautiful Witch Liko are crash landing in to the sakura trees on a calm night when the full moon are at its highest point on the night sky. In a distance Mirai stand witness and mistaken it for a falling star,, What she don't know is that this "star" is going to brighten up her life more than she ever could have dreamed of!

Early the next morning after the sun have just raised! Mirai takes her beloved teddy-bear Mofurun to seek out the falling star!! After some searching the star finds Mirai and together their magical adventure beyond their wildest of dreams have just started!

Characters 10/10

Characters are extremely important to me.I need my girls, and to feel for them, and their cause. Most importantly they need to love and cherish each other.My girls deliver on every plane. The immense love and passion they share is remarkably deep and creates a immersive experience .That makes this a very charming and entertaining media. This shines through on every level when it comes to their relationship .I cheer for my girls I laugh with them and I cry with them,,Most importantly I'm there with them. It also have interesting side characters that adds a lot to the story!!!

Art 8/10

Not the best.But neither the worsted ,, It's even! They pick a tone and stick with it!! Its warm lovely and cute!

Story 10/10

The story is alluring charming beautiful sad and everything in between! I love the world build and how it drags you in. and hypothesise you in way that makes you wanna watch the next episode right away,,It's hard to put down!!! A fantastic fun fantasy world full with wonders and joyful adventures!!

Sound 8/10

I like the monsters battle-cry , And the music overall especially in the transformations!!

Enjoyment 10/10

I have so much fun! And sometimes i was angry and sometime i have feelings of sorrow .Everything that i want to feel is there and i got so invested .And it was really even throughout out at the whole thing.It started great and just keep going.For me the most enjoyable part is my girls. And their strong love for each other and that they always cared so much! They don't just talk about the big game they show it!! Words are cheap my girls love for each other are not

Overall 10/10

I consider this to be one of the best media ever created.Its the Precures chef-d'oeuvre in my meaning,It have a lot of heartwarming moment and are at the top of the magical girl shows .It's truly brilliant and I cant recommend it enough!! Matter the fact I'm going to re watch it again. Got the cravings after writing so much about it
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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