Aug 12, 2019
XHellLyterX (All reviews)
This recap was absolutely necessary to remind us how bafflingly impressive this anime is. Cuz as average anime watchers, we can't be expected to have the intelligence to remember what happened in the past few episodes, right? I'm glad that this studio understands how stupid I am and took the time to make an episode reminding me that what I'm watching is in fact shit.

This recap serves to remind us that our hero is an Aggressive Super Sadist, or ASS for short, and that he's overpowered, does edgy things, and is on a quest to obtain the ultimate loli harem like his isekai forefathers. It also reminds us how hilariously bad the story, visuals, and really everything about this anime is. Yeah, this recap totally shows some pretty deep stuff. And you know what else is deep? *insert lewd reference because I can't think of one myself*

You know, instead of poorly rehashing a bunch of poorly made scenes from such a poorly written anime to create a poorly made recap episode, the producers could have used this valuable time and effort to maybe make their anime, well, less poorly produced. But then that would have made it less "so bad it's good" and more "so bad it's...bad", and then I wouldn't have bothered watching it or reviewing it for ironic reasons. So friends, that's why this recap is, in fact, absolutely necessary, because it serves to elevate the sheer enjoyment that I derive from watching this trash.