Aug 11, 2019
EisenhornPuritus (All reviews)
First, I must say I do not usually drop any title I have started, but this one managed to get me do it (After I read the first 26 chapters). Also, excuse my poor english, if you find any gross mistakes in my grammar or orthography.

Now to the point:

This is a power fantasy of a manga, where the main character is just awesome and everybody loves him. This is not an uncommon thing, as anybody who has read some Isekai manga surely knows, but this one I found particularly dumb and dishonest.

The art is decent (Not very good tho), but the characters and plot are just... not good. And let's not speak about the treatment of the female characters of the story by the MC. I do not like to add modern politics and stances to my manga, because I understand Japan is a very different culture that my own, and many times manga covers very different societies and temporal eras, but this is one of the first manga to make me cringe because of the representation of female characters.

Seriously, not good. If you want to read some isekai just to let your mind wander off, I'd recommend Isekai Kenkokuki, Botsuraku Youtei Nanode or Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami, instead of this filth.