Aug 11, 2019
FuriousNutSlaps (All reviews)
A wonderful piece of work. Vinland Saga is without a doubt one of the best anime released in recent years.

The story speaks of Thorfinn, a guy who joins Askeladd's crew of Vikings only to be able to kill him in revenge for the death of his father "Thors". Every time the boy completes an Askeladd mission, he gives him a duel, Thorfinn's only way of killing him because, by winning him in a regular duel, he can honor his father's memory and carry out his revenge. This basic plot is followed by many battles full of dead characters and blood, many new characters who will also join the cause of Askeladd to oust Sweyn King of Denmark (which will be seen later).

Fights, action, history of the Vikings: everything is well mixed which managed to create a fabulous and intriguing mix. The characters are all well characterized by the protagonist Thorfinn to Askeladd, unscrupulous and very astute man. Therefore, the secondary characters are not simple contours to the story, but with their actions, motivations, strengths, defects, weaknesses, they contribute to build and make the story much more interesting. Vinland Saga immediately struck me for its realism and its crudeness, there are no half measures. Everything takes place following an ancient custom and lifestyle that has now been lost in the sands of time.

The anime is very enjoyable, as it knows how to dose the calm sequences, full of strategy and intrigue, and those of combat, really made in a good and very splatter. The characters change often and are very thick. The events of the time are made good and above all they are really engaging. Each issue is better than the previous one and the story, episode by episode, becomes more and more beautiful and fun. Very interesting is the overview of the religion of the Vikings, who have as their main aspiration to die with weapons in hand in order to ascend to Valhalla, something that is modern to us almost inconceivable.

10/10, undisputed the best anime of the year if not the best in the last decade.