Aug 11, 2019
R0win (All reviews)
After Wit Studio's incredible job with Attack on titan, they are back this time to tackle a manga who is often compared with the likes of Vagabond and Berserk and was once thought unadaptable.

Are you interested in Vikings and Norse mythology? you want stunning animated action scenes? Good world building? Great character development? If so, then wait no more as you are bound to enjoy this series.

The very first scene of the series sets you in the mood and gets you immersed in the story.From the stunning visuals, gorgeous artwork to the ruthless,merciless and outstanding action packed scenes and astonishing directing. The plot is based on real historical events and so far it does a fantastic job narrating it, with careful world building and character development. The series depicts Vikings very well, that is, they pillage villages for goods and are not hesitant to kill anyone who tries to stop them from doing so, even if you are a child or an old person.

Not only Wit studio is doing justice for the manga, they also did anime original episodes, to develop the main protagonist's Thorfinn's character furthermore. So far Thorfinn is a very interesting character. At first he is just a normal and innocent little boy but after a certain event we can clearly see how and why he is continually becoming more revenge-driven and violent. On the other hand we have Askeladd whom is a perfect representation of a leader. He is very tactical and even when he seems defeated he can pull out a last trick up his sleeve, even if it is dirty to come out victorious. He garners respect from his men and was undeafeated in battle.

Concerning the animation, it is absolutely engrossing and goes perfectly well with the medieval setting of the series. Moreover some of the background arts are astounding. Yes there might be CGI here and there but Wit studio usually utilize it very well and it is not as bad as in some other anime.

Apart from that screaming part at the end of the opening which was kind of edgy, both the latter and the ending is great visually and musically and they fit perfectly well with the series.

Wit studio are doing an incredible job with the series thus far and you can easily tell that they really care about the source material. Without exaggerating, if they keep it up and stay faithful to the adaptation while also adding things to refine the anime from the manga, then this might just be one of the greatest adaptation ever.

Conclusion: No moe bullcrap, stunning artwork, consistent and solid animation, characters you feel strong about. This is exactly how an anime should be produced.