Oct 21, 2010
djhot (All reviews)
Actually more of the people are way to far from getting the meaning of this anime. I'm not saying that is the best thing out there, but it's actually pretty good on his own way. Please, read everything, is worthily!

Let's start with some probable obviously things. Bunmei is coming from the summer of 2012, like we all know in the moment that I'm writing that this is the very famous "end of the world", on 21 December. And where is going Bunmei? In 1999, to stop the prophecy of Nostradamus for 21 July. Actually till now there was many endings of the world, but 1999 together with 2012 are really big ones. The prophecy of Nostradamus was something real in "our world" and many people believed in it, but we are still kicking asses as ever...

Let's talk a little about the best writer right now, Steven King. Did you read his book "The Dark Tower". It's a strange adventure horror with a lot of strange things like cowboys and shits. In this book he use many things from movies, other books, songs and shits... Not only like parody, but actually he create an complete other thing from them. Actually many people believe that the prophecy was for King. Near 21 July King almost die in incident, but he didn`t. This people think that the "The Dark Tower" is like a reflection of an other world, probable parallel to our. They think that King is important connection between the worlds and if he couldn`t write the book the balance of the universe would brake and the world would end. One of the bad guys in the book come in our world trying to kill King, but he was stopped from the good guys and the prophecy of Nostradamus was stopped and King finish his book.

Why I'm writing all this? Because in "Occult Academy" they use things like that too! For example, the future that they show us is like something that is come from "War of the Worlds" and "Terminator". They didn`t just use movies things, but a lot of anime stuff, like some typical anime characters and even things like magic girls. But it's maybe kind of hard to take everything like parody? This is because not everything is parody, but there still there is a lot of from it, but it use in other way too (kind of confusing xD). So... For exaple think about all shity animes that you watch... Now thing about "Occult Academy"... Isn't it something kind of wrong? All of the characters in this anime are actually maturate people! Yeah! This animes is good exactly in this, by using many stereotype things making something complete new from it that actually is even full of philosophy, but it's not easy to find.

In many animes the names of the heroes have some meaning, but here they are really, really important! They are include in every name of the episodes and if you switch there place with there meaning they make something new! I will give you there meaning replace them on your own, Bunmei - civilization, knowledge; Maya - illusion; (ka)Mikaze - divine wind, Kozue - treetop(check on google for more info); Ami - net, friend; Akari - light.

I'm an assohle so I will give you many keys, but I will not told you which one is for the door and which door, because this way is more good and more interesting. Think well about the name of the episodes and what happen in them, and while doing that, remember "What important are the things you can`t see with your eyes" and try to see the things that it one to tell us about the humans, the occult and the society.

But still i give him 8/10, because I'm fan of the real goods scary/horror storyies and that wasn`t horror at all, but it's not even on the genres even. Still they could do it way more seriously and to use the occult for really scary things and to can say to us the same thing. And the "not seriously" seriously of the anime in some moments was going a little to far and was even a little annoying.

P.S. Sorry for my poor writing skills on this language, and of course you always have the right to think about me like an idiot, because i believe that this animes is actually good. But you are human too, therefore you are an idiot too.

P.S.2 The end was kicking fucking asses all over the place!