Aug 10, 2019
Meteor (Manga) add (All reviews)
AsianG (All reviews)
Story: 6 This is a manga that got axed so sadly the story ends right when it starts to get interesting, what I can say is that the lead up to that is okay but honestly the most interesting thing about the manga is the powers.
Art: 7 The art is perfectly serviceable, nothing to write home about but is very fun to read.
Character: 6 Most of the characters here are cliches but the mc is fun to watch and so it the main antagonist rival so its not all bad.
Enjoyment 6: Ends right when it starts to pick up thus leaves quite a sour taste in the reader's mouth.
Overall 6: It's a interesting shounen that sadly is left feeling very incomplete, I would say only read this if you are out of things to read/want to read a shounen with some interesting powers. It's completely scanlated so give it a read if the art looks interesting to you.