Aug 9, 2019
TheEarlofBronze (All reviews)
This is one of those shows where the individual parts when looked at separately do not seem to add together to be anything special. but you put all the little pieces together you somehow end up with something super fun, easy-to-watch, oddly wholesome and very enjoyable. And with that I give you Dr. Stone.

First of all let's clear the air. This is not some mind-bending crazy intelligent show. It is not trying to be. It's premise is essentially "mad-scientist restarts civilization after an odd-looking apocalypse with his oddly strong buddy.'

And honestly it's not that much more complicated than that. The "sciencey" bits need to be taken with a pinch of salt, the whole "counting every second for 3700 years" is hilarious but, good people reading this, please remember... you're watching a shounen.

For comparison, I don't see reviewers complaining about how in Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer, which is airing along side Dr. Stone, he is able to like, cleave a 10 foot boulder in two with a katana after 2 years of training. Like WTF.

But obviously... NO ONE CARES cause it's a show about a kid running around killing demons, much in the same vein this is a show about a genius kid who gets dumped in the stone age of mankind and decides to go about trying to do sciencey stuff cause he loves science and wants to make more of it. It's simple and it has just as much right to a certain degree of suspension of disbelief as any other anime or show out there.

Now as far as the show itself, clearly we are only 6 episodes in so commenting on story is a bit hard, particularly because this show has focused a lot of it's time both on Senku's (mad scientist) thoughts as well as his interactions with His meat-head best friend. It has had almost 2 full episodes of sporadic filler which I have seen a lot of complaints about... HOWEVER, I think the timing and pacing of them has been excellent.

I will ALWAYS choose a small cast of believable personalities getting good character development then a blind rush into a story line where i don't give a crap about what happens because the characters are bland and 2 dimensional. I LIKE these characters... hell I like the VILLAIN!!
And for that I'm already willing to applaud Dr. Stone

Music seems on point most of the time, quite enjoy both the OP and ED and i've also been a big fan of both the scenic shots and the character designs.

So yea! Give it a try! If you want to wait till more has been released that's perfectly fine but between Dr. Stone and Demon Slayer i've been eagerly looking forward to my Friday afternoons!