Aug 9, 2019
alaharon123 (All reviews)
5 episode review:

Started watching subbed and it was a pretty mediocre anime with pretty bad subtitles that were badly worded and had too much text for the amount of time they were on-screen. I was going to drop it, but I figured I should check out the dub. I have now seen 3 episodes of the show with the dub and I gotta say, I like it. The following is a review of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman dubbed.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is a children's monster of the week cartoon in which each episode contains a small amount of world-building as it slowly builds up this conflict between Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, a group of teens with "science" that serve as the protagonists, and Galactor, the enemy organization who is behind every monster of the week. It's a rather enjoyable show due in large part to the campy dub which is entertainingly bad, but also the characters and world-building so far is quite good; I expect it to progress nicely if rather slowly. Speaking of which, this is a very slow, episodic show. You're going to want to watch this as an episode every so often rather than any sort of binging. This doesn't work as the main show you're watching, only as a side show. But, as a side show, it's quite entertaining and I recommend it, dubbed of course. I look forward to slowly going through this show. Kind of surprising how good it is for a show from 1972 tbh.