Aug 9, 2019
KarsaOrlong (All reviews)
When I sat down to look at what would be airing for Summer 2019, I initially found it difficult to pick shows to watch. I had seen tweets and posts on reddit which said that people were excited for Dr Stone above all else. I took a look at the trailer and I thought “Hmm, doesn’t look very good.” In hindsight, this was incredibly foolish of me.

In my view, Dr Stone is an interesting take on the “mad scientist” trope. Usually a mad scientist is depicted as someone who cannot wait to bring about death and destruction, and ruin and calamity to all life. They devote their lives to science to pursue their twisted and vile desires. But Senkuu is not an evil person, he devotes his life to science for his own wholesome reasons and is aided by his friends who are not as capable as he is, but help him do things he cannot do. Senkuu is a mad scientist but a strangely wholesome one.

Story – 9/10
While Taiju is confessing his love to Yuzuriha, a strange magical light turns everyone in the world to stone. He wakes up 3700 years later and realises his friend, Senkuu, is responsible for helping him gain consciousness. Senkuu has already decided “Hey, I guess I’ll save the entire human race” and Taiju helps him along the way. They wake up two more people (as of episode 6) Tsukasa (a very strong fighter who helps them fight predators and hunt) and Yuzuriha. There is some drama but I want to keep this review spoiler free so I won’t say anything about that. But the story is very interesting.

Art – 8/10
Art is very subjective. I really enjoy this style and it also fits the story quite well. There are some very good facial expressions here for all you Hinamatsuri and DanBeru fans.

Sound – 7/10
Nothing special to my untrained ear. But this OP is fantastic. Regarding the seiyuus, I am fond of them. The seiyuu for Taiju also does the voice of Saitama in One Punch Man, as well as Suwa – the best boy from Orange. For Tsukasa, he has been Bucciarati in JoJo Part 5 as well as the lead in OreImo. Oddly suitable. I believe he is the most senior of the main cast, but they all work well together.

Character – 6/10
Ok so hear me out…I like every character that has been introduced so far but as of episode 6, there are only four people in this world. I can tell there are more going by the stellar OP. As much as I love the way the three best friends (think of the song from The Hangover) interact with each other and how they trust each other, I think I am going to have to wait until the cast expands a bit more to truly see how great this show it. But as it stands, the current cast is great. Unfortunately I cannot, in good conscience, rank the characters any higher at this time. When the show is over, I will revise this review.

Enjoyment – 9/10
I am giving this show a 9 despite what I just wrote about the characters. I have a good feeling. This is a great show. I highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you are a bit bored of shounen, especially battle shounen, then this is for you. Because I was a bit bored of shounen when I saw the trailer for this show.