Aug 9, 2019
Pragyan1 (All reviews)
Dr. Stone is one of those anime that try to look smart but end up looking like pretentious Instagram models craving for attention. I know it’s a shounen and all so it doesn’t need to be the most believable of stories, but when you put “Science” into the equation, the characters and their actions need to be pragmatic. Dr. Stone tries to put refreshing stuff on the plate but soon after starts following the same generic formulaic quintessential path most shounen are loathed for.

The plot is pretty ingenious, I’ll give them that. Strange green light turns all of humanity into stone and after about 3700 years humans start, for a lack of better word, thawing out of their petrification. Nature takes over and the civilisation built over hundreds of thousands of years is lost. Quite a thought provoking concept is turned into ashes thanks to lame characters and ostentatious presentation. We've yet to see the entire consequences of the petrification, but it is what it is right now.

I stated the anime comes off as pretentious, let me explain why. Senku, one of the main characters is a scientific genius and manages to count the passing seconds for 3700 years which is absolutely and scientifically bullshit. The anime is classified as Sci-fi and not fantasy so I’m under the assumption that no magic is involved. Let us find out how many seconds there are in 3700 years, shall we? 3700(years) * 365(days) * 24(hours) * 60(minutes) * 60(seconds) = 116,683,200,000 seconds. There is no way in hell that one can retain one’s sanity for more than 3 and a half millennia doing the same thing over and over again for over 116 billion times. Moreover, Senku’s friend, “Big Oaf” aka Taiju stays conscious because of his resolve to confess to his crush. Yeah, I don’t really see anything scientific in that. Also, Senku’s “10 billion percent” phrase is fucking annoying af. It just sounds so stupid. A simple 101 percent would suffice, but NO, big number means big brain time.

Also also, Senku has Einstein’s most famous equation, E = mc^2, written on his jacket. A little science lesson, E = mc^2 works only for stationary objects and when the object is viewed from a non-inertial frame of reference, for relativistic motion (which is the only type of motion in the universe), it doesn’t work. I would think an anime delving into chemistry and mechanics of various compounds and chemicals would at least get this equation correct.

The other characters are nothing special. Yuzuriha is just a girl that Taiju has a crush on and until now we haven’t really seen her do anything except get kidnapped. Tsukasa is the main antagonist and the “World’s strongest high schooler”, so strong that he can punch a lion to death, wrestle three wild boars at once, catch a bird mid-flight, destroy boulders with one punch and catch an arrow travelling towards him at a speed of 200 km/h. I was starting to wonder why he wasn’t bald and why did he not have a cyborg sidekick. The plot armour is strong with this one.

The major conflict in the story occurs when Senku is trying to revive humanity while Tsukasa is convinced that if all of humanity is revived then nothing would change. People who were powerful before the petrification would still like to remain powerful in this new age and a new hierarchy would be set up. It’s a really compelling argument, but it’s Tsukasa’s actions that make no sense. He says he’s only going to revive the younger generation and kill the older gen. How in hell’s name would he be able to differ between the two? He can’t make a prognosis about the consequences of him reviving a person who would not agree with him. I hope this is resolved in further episodes.

The art is great and all but why does Senku’s hair look like a white radish? Was he pulled out of the Earth? The background art is vivid and detailed. The character designs are generic and dry.

I don’t like the music. No piece has stood out to me.

This show is 5 billion percent okay and 5 billion percent mediocre. The setting is great and I hope the characters are more built upon in upcoming episodes lest it turn into your typical shounen.