Aug 8, 2019
HiIAmTzeKean (All reviews)
A Manga that evokes a deeper thought about the existence and meaning of 'God'. The initial story portrays 'God' as a being who grants wishes to make people 'happy'. By endlessly giving in to their greed, creatures known as 'Star eaters' starts to appear and attack those that are consumed by their hunger for their 'wants'. The three main characters are designed in such a way that they needed 'God' to make up for their flaw.

The story ends with how they realize that the meaning of 'God' was for them to realize their flaws and accept them. To embrace their weakness and find a solution in a humane instead of hoping and praying. The 'Star eaters' were then the darkness within human. They embodiment of the fears that man cannot overcome, and thus the need for 'God' to escape from reality.

The story has a good conclusion with all the characters realizing that they should use their own means to achieve their own goals. I believe the last few pages of the manga captures this well - The main character once a 'Wish' to his 'God' which is to be able to lead a normal life, but he has decided that he would use his own power and means to lead his life the way he wants it to be instead of using supernatural power.

To conclude, I believe that this manga is a good read with good art. A little bit of injection of some comedy and sadness, but overall I would recommend this manga.