Aug 8, 2019
PackOfSalt (All reviews)
.... Is all I have to say for this.
The Saberface issue aside, I'm glad the money I spent on FGO wasn't all in vain.

Now, before you go IDK WTF IS GOING ON HERE??!! WHAT IS THIS CRAP??!! This isn't meant for all viewers. Mainly those who do not play FGO. So, if you want to watch and understand it because you're a big Fate fan, or was attracted by the beautiful animation, then be prepared to read through 6 chapters of content which would probably take hours to complete (and frustration too. *cries in Camelot).

OK, now for the review. (Contains major FGO spoilers)
10/10 really. Finally get to see what Marisbury looks like and boy does he look like another friggin' Saberface (again, damn you Takeuchi). Dr. Roman's scenes really made me cry. And the scene where Marisbury asked Caster about his wish really hit me deep.

All in all, it was a really great prequel and recap. Especially the beginning part where Mash was fused with Galahad. Have really high expectations for the actual anime.

Also, good luck on your summer rolls fellow FGO players.