Aug 8, 2019
Hirokundesunes (All reviews)
So far, I feel like this season is being rushed. And when I say that, I mean REALLY rushed. Take the first arc of the series for example: The Apollo/War-Game Arc. The starting episodes were fine and all but it eventually delved down into lazy writing, awkward plotting and everything just being rushed to the point that the whole of the War-Game only took up one episode.

Not to mention, the B.S power boost Bell received within that short amount of time, it's not even funny anymore. You expect us to believe that just within a couple of days. He was already curb-stomping over the same guy who beat the ever living shit out of him the days prior? This is what I like to call: "A Toriyama Hand-Job". It's where just because the plot oh-so demands it. The protagonist gets so strong to the point where the word bullshit is literally written into the script itself.

If i were to compare Bell's increase in power level, it's like how Goku during the Namek Saga went from a power level of: 90,000 to fucking 3,000,000 just because he got a "Zenkai Boost". But hey, at least there's an explanation to how Goku got this strong, even though it's extremely vague.

For Bell in season 2, they don't fucking explain anything at all! They just expect us to accept the amount of shit they pull out of their ass and consider it as "Simply a power boost" or "The character worked hard for it." It would have been much more believable if they showed us an actual TRAINING segment instead of a few frames of maybe him dodging one or two hits from Wallenstein. The whole thing is fucking wonky.

This series was one of my favorites when it first came out with it's first season. It was a great newbie turning pro story and I was always excited for what to come next but now it's like the producers are taking the piss.