Aug 7, 2019
VanguardasVucava (All reviews)
4/10 for me. Believe me when I say this, but the Arifureta Manga is really good. It's a good mix of Tokyo Ghoul, Fullmetal Alchemist and Shield Hero. The only reason I have this a 4/10 is because they butchered the fucking manga.

They cut out a lot of the important parts that make Arifureta good. I stopped at episode 1 when I saw them skip the school scene. Fucking idiots ruining good material.

I'm currently still reading the manga and I'm excited for the next chapter but the anime is just so fucked up. I'm fine with them changing some parts of the manga as long as it is an improvement. A good example is when Naofumi was the one who asked Trash and Bitch to be executed, but in the anime it was the queen. It's a good twist and makes Naofumi more mature. In Arifureta they just removed a lot of parts in order to cram everything in 1 season.