Aug 5, 2019
HappyNaru (All reviews)
I'm going to be honest right here. Most anime is usually an extreme hit or miss with me. I usually love it or hate it. So I tend to rate generously. But Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live is absolutely worthy of a 10. Hell I'd give it an 11 if i could. I loved this anime so much. It's a really fun ride.

This is my first review so please bear with me.

The story takes place in a different universe from the previous Pretty Rhythm entries, so it can be watched standalone. It starts off very cheesy and tacky, I'll be honest. But Rainbow Live's story is one of the most sophisticated, beautiful stories I've ever seen in an anime, let alone a kids anime. Almost every plot line gets wrapped up by the end, and with such a large cast, there are a lot of subplots, so that's really impressive. The filler episodes don't feel like filler even, because something significant happens in most episodes. Although it is a kids anime, it touches on some sensitive topics. Even the romance subplots, which I usually dislike, were amazingly well written, and blended seamlessly into the story.

ART: 8
Ok, ok. The animation budget isn't the greatest for kids anime, but I really do like the art in Rainbow Live. The art style really appeals to me, I think it's the eyes. Even the CG looks really good, especially when compared to the CG from Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream. The character designs are unique and really interesting, they're a bit over-the-top without being too crazy. Overall, I really liked it.

I loved every song in this anime. Each character has their own unique insert song, with each unit having one as well, and also a few duo songs. There are also multiple OPs and EDs. The seiyuus also did a great job here. The only thing holding me back from a 10 is that the BGM wasn't particularly notable.

I can almost guarantee you will love and feel for most characters. The devlopment the cast went through is amazing. Sad moments, happy moments, funny moments, this show does it all perfectly in character. Even the supporting cast felt human. My oner complaint is that the true antagonist's motivations are a little vague if you don't follow through with the King of Prism series.

This show should be in a museum. I would voluntarily write an essay on this show. This show was so unique and amazing that I don't think anything can quite live up to it.

This show made me cry to a song who's first verse is just a mishmash of random english words. Please watch Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.